Helping clients communicate more effectively!

I’ve worked with a diverse list of clients over the past twenty plus years, including international pharmaceutical companies, banks, municipalities, not-for-profit agencies, and entrepreneurs.  I enjoy learning about the unique communication challenges of each client and working as part of a team to creatively meet those challenges!

My services include:

  • Creative writing;
  • Customized programs to boost morale and productivity; and,
  • Interactive communication workshops, which can be tailored to suit your particular needs.

I generally work on a project fee basis.  The fee will be based on a discussion about what you want to communicate, the timelines and budget you are working within, and the communication medium you want to use. 

Mary Harvey, CMP
I have worked as a creative corporate communications consultant for more than twenty five years.  As a writer, trainer and producer, I help clients boost their confidence, look smarter, and sound more intelligent... on paper, on video, on the web, and on stage.

By earning my Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) designation, I have demonstrated my knowledge of business communication and adult education principles, as well as the technical and logistical considerations required to deliver dynamic programs.

I combine my theatrical training and performance background (Second City, Toronto), with extensive business experience to create interesting and effective programs.  As a trainer, I believe that communication skills are best learned in a fun, interactive environment.  So you can expect to work… and play a little too!     ·     (613) 324-9495